1 800 contacts partners with Wal Mart

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1 800 contacts used to provide FREE shipping and no taxes. Since partnering with Wal Mart, unknown to the majority of customers, we are now paying sales tax and in some cases, shipping.

I have been a loyal 1 800 contacts customer for over 30 yrs. This new policy was really slipped in "under the door". The giant, Wal Mart, somehow got involved to make it's cut. I surmise that now, for their cut of the profit, the product is NOW shipped from the local Wal Mart warehouse. They make money and we pay the price.

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Sales tax is inevitable. If a company is not charging sales tax and they are audited by the state comptroller's office, in whatever state they are conducting business in, they will have to pay all tx due plus penalties and interest. So either they got a really fat bill or you have been paying sales tax all along and didn't know it.


Wrong, all contacts are shipped from 1-800's warehouse in Utah, not Walmart's....can you read a shipping label return address? I "surmise" you can't.

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